Midden-Drenthe Municipality Archive

The archive of the Midden-Drenthe local authority - which was formed after a merger of the local authorities of Beilen, Smilde and Westerbork in 1998 - holds the items relating to Camp Westerbork. This Westerbork Archive is six metres long. Jews who spent more than six weeks in Camp Westerbork were recorded in the register by an assistant secretary of the local authority who was based in the camp.

Of the approximately 102,000 persons who passed through the camp, 17,925 are recorded in the register of residents. The archive of this assistant secretary, of which only a small part is extant, contains registers of Jews who were detained and deported, marriage documents relating to Jews who remained in the camp, the personalia of the 17,925 Jews listed in the register of residents, and the personalia of Jews who were recorded in the deeds of the registry of births, marriages and deaths.

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